Saving πŸ”– Post!

A while ago I tried to update my WordPress Android app. I noticed some major interface changes. The Reader view becomes prettier, other buttons as well, but the most important and the one I am going to discuss in this post is the bookmark symbol πŸ”– button in place with Like and Comment. Well now, it more like the trilogy than with the Follow button.


  • New feature: Something there caught your eye? Read it any time with Save for later!
  • Various bugfixes.

All of related products (website, iOS app, Android app) are open source. The above quote is from the Android GitHub page. In the version 10.2, there is a change which mentioned that the users can Save posts. This is huge for a user like me. Please note that this post will only about the Android app and maybe a little about, I won’t talk about the iOS because I don’t have one, hahaha.


I tried to find an article that officially created by but couldn’t find any, meh, I didn’t try hard (XD), and this is my attempt to make it as my own post. As usual, I open my Android app, I go to the Reader, I find a new streams/category called Saved Posts. It will be empty or doesn’t appear, oh wait, I’ll check it… yes, the category will be available, but it is empty. I tried removing my saved posts and there will be an undo button.

Choose another category: Discover, Followed Sites, My Likes, or tags you have. You should see a post-cards with the new Save button if there isn’t try updating your Android app first (^.^). After clicking a post, try changing the category into Saved Posts, and voilΓ , there is a post in that streams, it’s not really a stream I think because it’s waiting for you to update the records for it, haha.

While I was resting from writing this post, I finally found the post from blog Bookmark Posts with Save For Later. But don’t stop here, I’d like to talk more.

Save is like Like

I used to use the Like feature as much as I wanted it with this bookmark feature. When I find an interesting post, make some posts as my references, or just to mark a specific post, I use the Like button to save it for later. But sometimes, I forget why I liked the post before, have I finished reading the post? or I just marked it.

The Like feature works similarly with the Bookmark. There is a category for the posts I liked. All the posts that I’ve liked will appear in that category. As I said before, I use the Like for different reasons, but then when I don’t follow up or forget, it will just make a mess, and mostly it just doesn’t work for multiple purposes.

Save isn’t like Like

I haven’t used the Save feature that much, but at least now I can minimize the mess I make using Like. The Like feature will notify the post’s owner, I don’t think the Save will, so I can click it multiple times without “distracting” people. But the Like still win, why? Because it works for multiple platforms.

While the Save feature only works locally in an app, Like is more global. When I mark a post using Like on the web for example, and then I open the mobile app, it will appear in the My Likes category. The Bookmark category doesn’t even exist in the web stream.

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23 thoughts on “Saving πŸ”– Post!”

    1. Yes, exactly, that was saved on local data (each devices), I’ll try to look in to the development process, see if there will be an update also in the web version 😁


      1. Web version is not good πŸ˜‚
        I just compose all my post using desktop computer, well, I am not sure, well, this topic might be my new post, thank you 😊


      1. I really cannot understand the github codes, coz I dunno tbh, . 😒😒.
        But I am inquisitive about Android programming
        if you can educate us it would be really helpful brother.


  1. Perhaps I’m just old-fashioned but I prefer bookmarks. My bookmarks go way back to 2001 so they’re now very large, though thankfully, they’re organized.

    I never got used to “web clippers”, like the ones made by Evernote and Onenote.

    I’m not sure whether this save feature would be useful to me but I’m sure that many would find it invaluable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the best kind in my opinion, I never succeed to organize with that kind of style, I tried shared bookmark on chrome browser, and your records from 2001 is just awesome 😁
      I think it will boost the function if the data are saved in the server, just like Like

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My bookmarks had travelled a long way. They started from Internet Explorer then ai imported them to Netscape a while later. In 2005, I started using Firefox so I imported them there. Four years ago, I started to use Chrome as well so I decided to import my bookmarks to Google Bookmarks to easily sync them between Firefox and Chrome.

        Liked by 1 person

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