Undescribable Flow

I am not suppose to act like this, it’s just so hard not too. I believe that you’re the most and I believe I have to ask only from you, so please, I don’t think I can continue like this, it’s your call.

Forgive, not to forgive, forgiveness, you asking me? Don’t get me wrong, I was glad… It’s just cut even deeper, so what am I supposed to do? I really don’t know, I think it was me the one who’s at fault.

Is it good enough? Do I have to accept this? So it’s me then? It’s pretty good in a way, but still, she has her limit, I don’t want to use it all up, I don’t think I give enough back. So, is it good enough?

I just keep making mistakes, new or olds. So still me right? I think it is. But wait, do you know I tried pretty hard? I think I did, but again, it’s me. So, can I get better? I ask too much? I heard that I am supposed to do that, I want to believe that, I believe it.

It was a half hour before the first breakfast. The sun was setting, but it felt rising. It was happy for two hours. Lifeline is a really good word. So, pull it!…

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Male, Indonesian, Muslim, Programmer, 27 y.o. Single by Bye... You are a poet, you just don't know it...

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