Saving πŸ”– Post!

A while ago I tried to update my WordPress Android app. I noticed some major interface changes. The Reader view becomes prettier, other buttons as well, but the most important and the one I am going to discuss in this post is the bookmark symbol πŸ”– button in place with Like and Comment. Well now, it more like the trilogy than with the Follow button.


  • New feature: Something there caught your eye? Read it any time with Save for later!
  • Various bugfixes.

All of related products (website, iOS app, Android app) are open source. The above quote is from the Android GitHub page. In the version 10.2, there is a change which mentioned that the users can Save posts. This is huge for a user like me. Please note that this post will only about the Android app and maybe a little about, I won’t talk about the iOS because I don’t have one, hahaha.


I tried to find an article that officially created by but couldn’t find any, meh, I didn’t try hard (XD), and this is my attempt to make it as my own post. As usual, I open my Android app, I go to the Reader, I find a new streams/category called Saved Posts. It will be empty or doesn’t appear, oh wait, I’ll check it… yes, the category will be available, but it is empty. I tried removing my saved posts and there will be an undo button.

Choose another category: Discover, Followed Sites, My Likes, or tags you have. You should see a post-cards with the new Save button if there isn’t try updating your Android app first (^.^). After clicking a post, try changing the category into Saved Posts, and voilΓ , there is a post in that streams, it’s not really a stream I think because it’s waiting for you to update the records for it, haha.

While I was resting from writing this post, I finally found the post from blog Bookmark Posts with Save For Later. But don’t stop here, I’d like to talk more.

Save is like Like

I used to use the Like feature as much as I wanted it with this bookmark feature. When I find an interesting post, make some posts as my references, or just to mark a specific post, I use the Like button to save it for later. But sometimes, I forget why I liked the post before, have I finished reading the post? or I just marked it.

The Like feature works similarly with the Bookmark. There is a category for the posts I liked. All the posts that I’ve liked will appear in that category. As I said before, I use the Like for different reasons, but then when I don’t follow up or forget, it will just make a mess, and mostly it just doesn’t work for multiple purposes.

Save isn’t like Like

I haven’t used the Save feature that much, but at least now I can minimize the mess I make using Like. The Like feature will notify the post’s owner, I don’t think the Save will, so I can click it multiple times without “distracting” people. But the Like still win, why? Because it works for multiple platforms.

While the Save feature only works locally in an app, Like is more global. When I mark a post using Like on the web for example, and then I open the mobile app, it will appear in the My Likes category. The Bookmark category doesn’t even exist in the web stream.


This is a tag post, wait… it’s new and I think it will be so much fun because of the “freedom”! I Volunteer As Tribute Tagger.


About The Tag

Every week (Thursday) I will pick a topic, post photos or quotes or lyrics or a poem or an article about the “topic” and nominate 3 bloggers, who in turn will post about the SAME topic (in whichever way the want) and nominate 3 bloggers of their own, spreading “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION” far and wide.

It’s all about you being the BOSS and choosing the best way possible to express and depict your understanding of the theme of the day. Fun, ain’t it?


Two words for this tag: new and smart! New – the tag is new, it was initialized in June 28, 2018… about a month after I find this and smart! This tag will always be new every week, so far Richa doing a really good job maintaining the tag.

I can easily find the post about the tag in her freedom-of-expression category. As I write this post, there are 4 posts: June 28, 2018 Freedom; July 5, 2018 Restart; July 12, 2018 Happiness and my topic July 19, 2018 View.


I’m branching not originally from iScriblr, but from Winnie, Musings. She also voluntarily doing the tag. By the way, Winnie is an awesome blogger, congratulation on your 1000 followers, yay! I follow her since 300 because of another tag created by Avni. 1 Thank the Selector

See what about doing tag? I find a lot of friends, really good “WordPress” friends. There is magic in these kind of posts (award, challenge, tag). 1 tag/create a β€œping-back!”


In my opinion, you need to alter some rules Richa, after 2 Attach the tag photo, 3 Post about that topic (in whichever way you want – it could be a photo or a quote or a poem or an article) for the dedicated “Topic of the Day.” No rush! are 4. Select 3 bloggers to take part in “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION” Tag! Let’s spread some positivity around.

Rule #4 you can add the “volunteer” part. I think this will give the tag spread effect even more! And force the tagger to choose 3 people, sorry Winnie (XP). This is the idea… If you are like me you can create the magic effect because blogging is an art, it’s not just like statuses on facebook or tweets on twitters or toots on mastodon. Being mentioned in blogging is huge, take for me as an example, I can reach this far because I was mentioned.

Another point but not too important because it’s kind of “technical” for #1, you can add “ping-back”. Add this link It’s a feature for blogging in WordPress. I think this will reduce “dead links” and improve the usage of the great feature, and when I’m feeling like tracking tag kind of posts I can easily find the sources.

That’s all, from my topic re-view, hehe. Oh, yeah my “nomination” part, I’ve mentioned two: Avni (come on, new post (XP)!), Natika (How my English? haha)… I need one more, okay, my chat friend who stopping me for killing myself Arya.

The Spam Trilogy: πŸ’¬ Comment, πŸ‘ Like & πŸ“‘ Follow

After writing a little about Comment and Like, this is the last part of the trilogy I was thinking from the beginning, wasn’t I? First, let me describe what trilogy means because this is not an everyday word, I think.


A group or series of three related things. The first time I used this term is when I know about front-end web development technologies which are HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Okay, that is not for everyone let’s find another. What about movies? The Dark Knight Trilogy (Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), The Dark Knight Rises (2012)), The Godfather Trilogy (I watched only two movies, I don’t really understand them), Toy Stories, Spider-Mans, etc.

Metallica’s The Unforgiven songs: The Unforgiven, The Unforgiven II, The Unforgiven III, and I think there are many more trilogies out there. Why trilogy? Because some things are just too big for one, they can be four, five, and so on. I like to make this post as one of my trilogy posts.

My previous posts are Spam πŸ– Annoying Comment 😠 for comment and Seollenda me likey ⭐ Me likey likey likey ⭐ Me likey likey likey ⭐ Dugeundugeundugeun ❀❀ for Like. Those posts are based on my own experience from blogging in Just like the title, it’s more about spam I’ve done with those three tools.

The Three Tools

How I make the Comment, Like and Follow as one trilogy? Other than main components of blogging in this platform (post, site, title, description, etc.), I consider them as a group of tools to get readers for my content. You can also see if you use notification. There are five items actually: All, Unread, Comments, Follows, Likes. I can’t include All, and Unread is for the post – You’re all caught up! Reignite the conversation: write a new post. And that leaves me with the three.

Comment is the most used tool for spamming in my opinion. I can also give you fact that this blog has more than 50 spam comments right this time when I write this post. From what I know, the spammer wanted to gain traffic for their online content by spreading their links so that their site or blog get sources of referrals.

Like, the difference between Comment and Like as spam tools is Like need to be an insider, while Comment can be done by the outsider. Insider here is user and outsider is an online content owner (doesn’t need a account).

Spammer Limit is a really great blogging platform. They are limiting the numbers for likes, comments and even follows. I know this because I’ve done those things. When I like about 100 posts in an hour I can’t like another in that hour. When I comment on many blogs my comments are considered as spam. Follow is like Like, there is a limit in an hour. These numbers are not exact, I’m too lazy to switch accounts and do other things to check these again, sorry.

And that is what makes this platform very good, in my opinion. This is so far the best experience of blogging I have. These things just make me realize that there are still so many things I need to learn and understand.

I Do Spam Follow

From some lines above I think you already know that I do spam follow. What do I consider as spam follow? When I don’t even read the content first, just blindly click the follow button. Why? because I want more for my blog. How does it work? a simple follow back. And it works! But this is also my biggest regret in blogging along with other of my spamming activities.

Now I have more than 2000 blogs in my subscription list. I barely use my reader feeds, it doesn’t work anymore. There are new posts every second. It becomes a distraction. I wish I didn’t do all the spam. I am really sorry for those who get my spam.

A proper apology requires three steps.

  • Step One – An admission of wrongdoing. Amy, I was wrong.
  • Step Two – A promise never to repeat said action. Amy, that action will never be repeated, and that’s a promise.
  • Step Three – An earnest request for forgiveness. Amy, I hope you can forgive me, and I hope you do it right now, ’cause there’s an Uber waiting downstairs, and I don’t want to repeat this apology nonsense with my driver Ganesh.

The Line Substitution Solution – The Big Bang Theory – Season 9 – Episode 23

Quick Apologize 😁 Please Read – Important – Level 1 Alert ⚠️ – Need Help – Can’t Comment On Other Blog + Please Check Your Spam Folder

I have been trying to return your kindness by commenting on your blogs, but those comments are all gone for the past few days! I’ll try to count the numbers by the end of this post. If you received my Like, I may have dropped a comment also. I’m still trying to figure out the problem, but even I tried asking WordPress Support, and the Page not found! so I literally can do nothing, but to publish this post. Keep smiling, I am OK πŸ˜‚

Why Am I Apologizing

I am apologizing because people start leaving me (read: unfollow), so this post intended to prevent more number. Thanks to, I have learned a lot of things from a lot of people. I’ve been blogging for almost 6 months and I’ve done many things. Like, Comment, Follow, Unfollow, Spam Like, Spam Comment, Spam Like Comment, etc. Recently I tried my best not to do spam anymore.

Delayed Reply

I mostly delay my reply to your comment on this blog, I have reasons for it, one of them is limited number of notifications. I counted 100 notification items only, so the 101th notification item will be gone forever, I can’t revisit it. If I force “realtime” conversation it will definitely take all the notification slot. But I have been trying my best to reply all of them.

This creates another issue. My comment for other blogs, based on queue on my notification items also gone! I am Okay, keep smiling πŸ˜‚

Please consider this if you are going to leave, I’ll try my best to resolve the issues soon. In the near future I probably only leave a Like to return the kindness and I will let you know if things back to normal.

In the meantime, enjoy . It’s open API provided by to create our own app with the power of I’ve created some scripts based on this, I know who unfollowed me, I created tool to do spam likes (I don’t use it anymore). I tried to create my own notification storage so I won’t worry about notification slot anymore.

I will do one more spam like, just to get you notified and hopefully reading this post.

Counting gone comments, about 40
enter /me/likes?number=40&fields=site_id,post_id
change the following{site_id}/posts/{post_id}

my response

    "likes": [
        "site_id": "133564718",
        "post_id": "7682"
        "site_id": "102327658",
        "post_id": "1291"
        "site_id": "102327658",
        "post_id": "1234"
        "site_id": "143132580",
        "post_id": "779"
        "site_id": "140860287",
        "post_id": "213"
        "site_id": "144236755",
        "post_id": "75"
        "site_id": "136069549",
        "post_id": "1931"
        "site_id": "25966378",
        "post_id": "4504"
        "site_id": "143510639",
        "post_id": "221"
        "site_id": "145046898",
        "post_id": "270"
        "site_id": "135624323",
        "post_id": "1409"
        "site_id": "104291180",
        "post_id": "2228"
        "site_id": "102977462",
        "post_id": "14"
        "site_id": "145044016",
        "post_id": "312"
        "site_id": "139019304",
        "post_id": "44"
        "site_id": "139681360",
        "post_id": "627"
        "site_id": "140009739",
        "post_id": "4"
        "site_id": "140009739",
        "post_id": "138"
        "site_id": "139569689",
        "post_id": "59"
        "site_id": "26444865",
        "post_id": "5144"
        "site_id": "143410859",
        "post_id": "291"
        "site_id": "135916090",
        "post_id": "641"
        "site_id": "139569689",
        "post_id": "271"
        "site_id": "81759533",
        "post_id": "1153"
        "site_id": "95920299",
        "post_id": "29906"
        "site_id": "145408503",
        "post_id": "105"
        "site_id": "37796650",
        "post_id": "3746"
        "site_id": "30441631",
        "post_id": "375062"
        "site_id": "143510639",
        "post_id": "131"
        "site_id": "39082542",
        "post_id": "612"
        "site_id": "136496598",
        "post_id": "1884"
        "site_id": "133483073",
        "post_id": "990"
        "site_id": "141984203",
        "post_id": "256"
        "site_id": "122420425",
        "post_id": "430"
        "site_id": "128680665",
        "post_id": "4324"
        "site_id": "76782051",
        "post_id": "1382"
        "site_id": "143410859",
        "post_id": "312"
        "site_id": "88692261",
        "post_id": "11082"
        "site_id": "19909696",
        "post_id": "20631"
        "site_id": "113278318",
        "post_id": "17072"

Mystery Blogger Award πŸ•΅

Okay, rule #1 Put the award logo/image on your blog… I will put it in this post’s featured image… 10 minutes later… done! Next, #2 List the rules… How do I do that, hmmm, oh already did it *facepalm*, so #3 Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog… alright, this will take more minutes…

Thanks to

  • Annie in A Booknerd Travels
    I’m not sure I can find Annie’s questions…

  • Vivien in Viviensvoice

    1. Q: What do you enjoy the most about blogging?
      A: The reading, I’m dumb, reading from friend’s posts make me a little bit smarter, I think.
    2. Q: How often do you blog?
      A: Random, I was taking a break for more than a week last time, but in average 40/7, just like regular job.
    3. Q: Do you have favorite book?
      A: Quran, I always get this kind of question, let me know if you get bored with my answer.
    4. Q: What do you do when you are stressed?
      A: Often stress eating.
    5. Q: If you have the ability to change the world what would you do?
      A: I honestly don’t know, I used to say Hate, but I think the world is perfect the way it is.

  • Pooja in Believe

    1. Q: What is the best of you?
      A: I’m the most handsome boy in the world, *if you wanna argue, chat with my mom.
    2. Q: Why should you love yourself?
      A: If I don’t love myself, how can I love others.
    3. Q: Your favorite book. A little synopsis would be lovely. I promise to read it.
      A: Again, come on people, another question please. Quran. If you are Muslim we can talk more about it, but I don’t want to mess with anyone’s belief.
    4. Q: Your life in three words.
      A: Hard, fun, joke. Probably changes overtime.
    5. Q: Write about the purpose of your blog.
      A: Creating good content, although I always don’t know which is good or bad.

  • Noona in Ngaoscn
    Where the heaven is your questions! I read the post all over again, you only have a question I think…
    Q: One morning when you wake up and open your eyes, you realize you are no more a human but lizard, how would you feel?
    A: That is not funny! I will have a nightmare now! It’s rock bottom for me, I will kill myself by finding big snake to eat me…

    You have a weird taste of humor Noona, *face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye*

  • Ismaa in Sophia Ismaa Writes

    1. Q: What is the last book you read that made an impact on you?
      A: Book again, hmmm… Quran, definitely has epic impact for my life, life manual I guess.
    2. Q: What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten? (Weird)
      A: I can’t recall food, but I drank Spiritus, 95% alcohol, fuel that I usually use when camping outdoor, for cooking, when I was in Elementary School.
    3. Q: Name two things about blogging you love and two things that irritate you.
      A: love – posts, the people. irritate – when I write ugly content, paying internet.
    4. Q: Recommend a book in one paragraph (3 sentences max)!
      A: A Street Cat Named Bob. The first sentence is the book’s title. I recommend this book because I love cat, although I am currently annoyed with my cats.
    5. I missed question number #4 so this is Ismaa’s question #4
      Q: Take Buzfeed’s: Everyone Has a British Food That Matches Their Personality Quiz and post your results, food and description included!
      A: Ah, you remind me of my ex girlfriend Ismaa… I got Mushy peas! Everyone Has A British Food That Matches Their Personality – Here’s Yours

Hours later… #4 Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well… check… #5 Tell your readers 3 things about yourself… okay, this is personal… I am dumb, I am weird, I am handsome – that’s what my mom says, don’t look at me like that… #6 You have to nominate 10 – 20 people… okay, okay, just please don’t kill me! *criesalittle*


Here are the nominees for my Mystery blogger award… geetssaini myjourneyasacreativewriter… Noona Ngaoscn – counter award *evillaugh*… a silent heart.… fatma zohra world of dreamszarakhangeniality… Sonam Small Wonders Of World… Sann Sann Speaks… How many have I mentioned already, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, come on you can do it!… Jaidip Patra Passion of Writing… 8… Akarsh_dm mindfulness.… 9… Sahithi Krishna LILMUNCHKINN… one more dude! go go go!… Soumya Somani *FRESH FOLIUM*… *deepbreathinhaleexhale*… ahem… and the award goes to… everyone… *peopleclapping* yay!

Days later… I forget what I was writing after long sleep, hmmm… #7 Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog… I hope my magic trick about trackback/pingback does the job *pray*… almost over… #8 Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)… ookay, I think I got this, wait, I’ve been asked with questions from my nominators? Should I answer that, I don’t think there is a rule for that, or I’m missing something, I think I’m gonna answer the questions *huft*, I thought this was almost over…

Weeks later… Is there anything else I should do? Oh, right, still about the questions, now is my turn to create them.


  1. What can I call you?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Single?
  4. Boring questions? you can add additional information, surprise me!
  5. This should be the funny one… How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? ~ not originally from me, I just forgot the source, sorry, let me know if someone asked the same question, because, it’s probably you! you are the best!
  6. I forget one thing, gender? but this will make 6 questions…

Best Post

Now, what? #8 , sorry, #9 Share a link to your best post(s)… okay, hmmm *thinkinghard* hmmmmm *thinkingharder* hmmmmmmmmmmm, tired *thinking*… this is my best post! Should I copy the link? Just do it!!!! Okay, okayyyyy, just don’t kill me!!!! *waitingforarrowseason06episode22effect…

“I’m not gonna kill you, but I can’t guarantee you’ll walk away from this *throwknive*” – Green Arrow.

… is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.


  1. Put the award logo/image on your blog
  2. List the rules.
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  6. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people
  7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  9. Share a link to your best post(s)

Okoto Enigma

πŸ“Œ About About πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

What is this post about? I don’t know, it’s probably about the page or about the author, what a word author, am I an author? Cut to the chase dude, you are wasting my time! I don’t want to read about your stupid jokes! Okay, okay, Heisenberg says “Relax…” I’m writing the about, about, about, about, the word has lost its meaning thanks to me!

I created this blog several months ago, Dec 1st 2017 to be exact. What was I thinking when I created this blog? I had problems. and it stays still. I don’t know what to do at the time, I tried exploring the Reader, I’m following some blogs since I started, I have no idea what those were, I decided to sleep it off, until two weeks later I woke up and created my very first post “I need more”, what a newb words, so cringe…

A Qoder Blog

A Blog that is owned by a Qoder, or it should be A Qoder’s Blog? Qoder is my made up word.

It’s from the word “code” something that I write as a programmer – code, C+ode, I change the C with Q so it will sound more middle eastern plus R in the end to make it a noun. I hope it makes sense…

Why I’m quoting that, that is my words -_- thanks to blogging now I have some confidence to arrange some words, although the arrangement is, like what you saw, something not so… yeah you can grade it yourself.

But this blog content is changing all the time, in my early posts I write some coding related blog in content. You think you so smart huh? Because you are a programmer and you know “technical”, but you are really not dude… So now I’m writing some silly stuff… it can be anything. And tags, I love tags, something like awards, liebster, sunshine, versatile, etc. But if you are going to tag me in an award or something else, I’m going to make an announcement about it soon, don’t tag me just yet.


It’s an imagination from my name July. You can call me July, like the month. I was wanting a name that is six letters, because google account need to be 6. I centered my accounts to the google account, because google is like the king of the Web! See, google also has 6 letters. I keep getting the message That username is taken. Try another. So this one is probably the best, it sounded like my name when I use google translate text to speech in English language.

I’m 27, 28 this year, I’m so old, sorry for you that have more number than me, no offence… I’m an Indonesian, Muslim, I am a computer enthusiast, a programmer, and currently a web programmer to be precise. I can create web but I often don’t have any users, so I’m making websites for myself? Starting this blog seems like the right way to get “web users”.


I think that’s enough for now, hopefully to interact with you more… I love this place! So please don’t leave me alone, I’m begging you *dracula-voice T.T

Gravatar: The Last TrafficBender β¬‡οΈ

The WORlDpress is divided into five elements — the Follow, the View, the Visitor, the Like and the Comment. Bloggers have the ability to control and manipulate only an element because mostly they ignore the other. Only the grAVATAR is the master of all five elements.


The ruthless Spammer wants to conquer the WORlDpress but the only blogger who has enough power, the grAVATAR, has disappeared … until now. His tribe soon discovers that Blank is the long-lost grAVATAR. Now Tiara and Soda must safeguard Blank on his journey to master all five elements and save the WORlDpress from the Spammer.

tiarasoda16 years after frozen, Blank was found and freed from the iceberg by siblings Tiara and Soda. He quickly befriended them and almost immediately attracted the attention of Prince of Spammer, who was to capture him by order of his father, Spam Lord. A newly formed Team grAVATAR set out to find a visitorbending master who could teach them, evading the Prince’s attempts to capture them on their journey to be a good blogger.

Blank was a male born in the beginning of Internet era and destined to be the grAVATAR. As the grAVATAR of his time, he was the only person capable of using four blogging arts: followbending, viewbending, visitorbending and likebending. He was also one of a select few grAVATARs, and one of the first in many cycles to learn the ancient art of commentbending, and the first grAVATAR known to have actively used the technique.

blankShortly before the beginning of the Online War, Blank was frozen in an iceberg for 16 years; he later emerged, still biologically twelve years old, into a world engulfed by war. During his absence, the Spammer had waged war upon the bloggers and managed to completely wipe out the Good hearted Bloggers. It fell to Blank, the last viewbender and the grAVATAR, to end the War by mastering all the other elements and defeating Spam Lord.



Avatar: The Last Airbender
Aang | Avatar Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
History of the Internet – Wikipedia