The Liebster Award 🏆

Based on the post from a site called Wandering Waffles by Issy and Rishab, this blog have been nominated for its first ever blogger’s award: The Liebster Award. Thank You! 😄

I just found their blog about a week ago and I haven’t really read anything about it, I just opened the site in order to write this post so I can talk something about them, sorry 😁 and actually I want to know the reason why @wanderingwaffles nominate this blog…

About The Liebster Award


I will just quote from @wanderingwaffles about the award

So, what is the Liebster award? We bloggers do spend a lot of time reading, researching and writing, and we also like awarding ourselves. This is exactly what this award is. The name is inspired by the German word “Liebster” which means dearest, most beloved one, in English. This basically speaks for itself what the award is about 🙂

The rules for the Liebster Award are:

  • Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award
  • Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination
  • Give these blogs 11 questions to answer

Answering Questions

  1. Q: Why is blogging important for you?
    A: I’m not good at communicating, hope with blogging I can improve that.
  2. Q: How well do your friends and family accept the fact that, you are a blogger?
    A: No one that know my real identity knows
  3. Q: How will you spend Christmas?
    A: I don’t celebrate Christmas, I just spent it with my family
  4. Q: Marvel or DC 😀 ?
    A: I’m Batman
  5. Q: What is your thoughts on Vegans?
    A: I wish I were one it seems healthy, but from my experience I need to pay more for a delicious vegan food
  6. Q: If you are working out, where do you prefer to do it? At home, in the gym or in the park?
    A: I do jogging, I can run every where usually near the place I stay
  7. Q: What would be that one food you can stop eating and never miss it? Why?
    A: Chicken – satay, fried chicken, processed chicken
  8. Q: What is your dream place to visit and why?
    A: Mecca. I need to complete my Islam
  9. Q: What would have you been doing, if you weren’t a Blogger?
    A: I don’t know. I don’t really like photography and to shy to record myself on a video.
  10. Q: Would you rather eat garlic and talk with your crush or
    A: or 😁
  11. Q: If you could chose one super power which one would it be? Why?
    A: Turn back time. I almost regret everything

Random Facts About myself

  1. Male
  2. 27 y.o.
  3. Moslem
  4. Indonesian
  5. Single
  6. 💛 Football
  7. ❤️ Math
  8. 💚 Computer Science
  9. Programmer
  10. Since 2011
  11. > 10 companies

The Blogs I’d Like to Nominate

  1. DystopianCitzn Blog ~ Ayah

    Book Reviews. Author Interviews. Short Stories. Journal. and much more

  2. A Booknerd Travels ~ Annie Yordanova

    books, travel, photography, lifestyle

  3. GunjanInks ~ Gunjan Rani

    Books, Poetries, and Stories.

  4. “The Interminable Thoughts✍️” ~ Dhilshaa❤

    You will never know untill you speak up, how effective your thoughts are….

  5. poetic essence ~ Nikita Arora

    Just explore whats inside you. And reach the forbidden. stay there for sometime; discover everything as real ; go through your zones ; fight till last breath ; at last when you get yourself home with full imaginative mind ; just sit down on a lonely place and spill it all out on papers . never follow whats other doing ; take the best and try to improve the worst; try to make comparison in you only . when you will succeed the life is yours. dont tell whole feelings write them in words. stick to the real points and ignore unwanted flirts . be straightforward till the ends . speak always truth ; as a result you will never have to bend . be nicer than nice ; be rhyming as flaws. be straightforward from mind and be clear from unwanted thoughts; here i write words experienced in real life ; straightforwardly in a particular line ! i write every type harsh; loving etc just waiting for you to read and if you ever change ; the pleasure is all mine.😇 yours – mystic

  6. This Girl’s Got Curves ~ Kimberly

    A navigation of the bipolar life

  7. yaskhan ~ Yasmin Khan

    Poetry, free verse, haiku, senryu, photography, books, art, philosophy , nature.

  8. Try to get it! ~ Sohair Ana

    A blog about Qoran and Islam

  9. Touch My Spine Book Reviews ~ Dani Pirok

    “☆~A Down to Earth and Honest Book Blog from a Free-Spirited and Custom Bilbliophile~☆”

  10. The Write Direction ~ Ayesha Syed

    ~Que Sera Sera~



My Questions

  1. What does your name mean?
  2. How do you name your blog?
  3. How important is it for you a blog description?
  4. When do you start blogging?
  5. What kind of content do you like to read from a blog?
  6. What does like feature mean to you?
  7. What does comment feature mean to you?
  8. What do you like the most from your blogging experience?
  9. What do you hate the most from your blogging experience?
  10. What is the most important thing in your life?
  11. Create your own question and answer it!

Some of the blogs I nominate have already created their Liebster Award post, but for you who read my post probably want to check their blogs, they are awesome! Once again thank your @wanderingwaffles for mentioning my blog on yours!

wp-admin Dashboard

What platform You use to open I mostly use the website one. If You are like me How do You usually manage Your content? Do You know that You can hit the URL {your-site.url}/wp-admin? This will bring You to the backend of your WordPress site. site administration has moved little by little from the WP Admin dashboard to the new-ish Calypso dashboard since it’s introduction two years ago. There are still many features that are ultimately handled in the WP Admin dashboard, even if they start out in the Calypso dashboard. Some examples include changing your site address, transferring site ownership, approving a new Viewer on a Private site, adding links to a blog roll, adding a poll to your site, disallowing comments on media files, emptying your site content without deleting your entire site, and many others.

A new user might not even know what wp-admin is. I’m new here but I have been familiar with WordPress, I usually try the and install it by myself. I just recently using and wondering the difference between them. I’m sure that they are both the same thing with different look and place. Now I’m going to talk about the wp-admin in more detail so if You are a desktop computer user and using the desktop website of You maybe want to read what I’m going to talk about.


There are few items I can see from my wp-admin dashboard like: welcome(I don’t actually know what to call this one), At a Glance, Quick Draft, Activity, WordPress Events and News, Your Stuff, Stats and What’s Hot.


This section is just like a simple application greeting but it has some usable links like how to get started, technical questions, write a post, general settings, your profile, select theme, upgrades, I know some of them but I don’t even know what is. I will probably check the link after this. The screen can also be hidden but I don’t know if I hide it how I bring it back, so for now I will just leave appear in my dashboard.


At a Glance


This section has some info about Your writing content like How many posts, pages, and comments are in your site. It also has a brief information about what theme You use. Other than those, there are also the thing about akismet I don’t actually look up about this yet but in this screen it gives me the information spam comments. The last thing I can see in this part is Storage Space. I can see about this information from the Calypso, but the difference is this is more detail. I can see numbers from the wp-admin, if I look at the Calypso I will only see 0% but here I know the exact Byte.




Activity box contains information about posts and comments, the recent published posts and recent comments on your site not comment that you’ve made in the platform. There is also tabs that can bring You to manage comments grouped by All, Pending, Approved, Spam and Trash.

Quick Draft

Me personally really like this draft thing than from the Calypso. It has really simple interface and doesn’t have automatic save feature (some time I will tell You why I don’t like the automatic save). And the most important thing is it works really well, when You Save Draft it doesn’t reload the whole page, it just load partially the Quick Draft and there it is the new Draft.


WordPress Events and News


You can organize an event through WordPress! I haven’t tried it, but based on this section I think I can. There aren’t any events scheduled near you at the moment. Would you like to organize one?. I would love to. There are some links like survey, Dev Blog, WPTavern, Matt: Design in Kentucky, Meetups, WordCamps, News. I don’t know any of them, I might try to checkout later.

Your Stuff

This is where I usually track what I was commenting. In the calypso I don’t see convenient way to do this. This part contains comment activity You’ve made or someone commented on your site. But the links for comment You’ve made for other site is not detailed, it just shows You the URL to the blog, not jump to the comment part.




This is the only part where I prefer to use the Calypso. I believe that You can see everything about your site stats in there.

What’s Hot Blog




Both versions will always be updated, the new one haven’t covered everything but it’s pretty, the wp-admin is powerful it is the base of the backend. I guess it worth checking out between the new and wp-admin once in a while.


Do You know about achievements feature on WordPress? There are 4 kind of achievements You can get: Post Milestone, Bestday Likes, Likeable Blog & Followed Blog.


I’m not sure about this though, this is based on my own experience, and the type of achievements I just group it by image URL that I track from notification. Based on google search I haven’t found a post that explain more about this feature but I found this

Once in a while, it’s important to stop, catch your breath, and look at your accomplishments before you move on to the next thing — to put a stake in the ground that says, “I made it this far!”

We all blog for different reasons. Some might chronicle their travel adventures, others might detail their culinary undertakings. If you find a post or a blog you enjoyed, like it or follow the blog — your action might send them a badge and make them smile. It’s easy to find great new blogs to follow using the Reader.

Pretty nice saying from the platform provider. By the way, this thing already out from 2012 and I just blogging using WordPress in the end of year 2017. I’m pretty happy about this, about everything in this blogging platform, I don’t know why I didn’t start my WordPress Blog long time ago. Okay, now I wanna reveal the real thing, the achievements…

Post Milestone


Just by writing posts You can get this kind of achievement, it will count the number of post You’ve published, this will pop up in to your notification when You’ve reached certain number of post up to 1000 (1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000). I will get my second post milestone badge after publishing this post I believe.

Bestday Likes


After writing your post(s) You might get this achievement, but it really depends on the reader, You might get like if someone read your post and feel happy about it, just like when I’m reading other people post. If your post is good, I believe that it will get many likes.

Everyday You may get this notification, I guess this thing will compare your stats each day and if yesterday likes is lower than today it will reward You with this achievement. In my opinion, this kind of reward is really good to push You to be better than what You did yesterday, so You can be the best of You some day.

Likeable Blog


Another stats kind of achievement after Post Milestone and Bestday Likes. This reward can be achieved the same way with Bestday Likes but the difference is this will count all the likes of all your posts and its counting! (5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000) the same numbers with Post Milestone just no 1.

Followed Blog


The last (that I know) and the best! You start making post, You start reading others posts, You might get some likes back, and finally you get followers! This is part when You make a new post and it will appear to your followers reader, so be sure that You make a post that will make Your followers happy, cause that’s important, it’s like the point of creating blog on WordPress.

The numbers are the same with Likeable Blog reward but this is a trophy kind of achievement. I know this by seeing small icon in the bottom right of notification image, so its a win!

Thank you for the likes, Special thank You for following my blog, I’ll try my best to provide You better content every time, Have a nice day and keep posting!


It hurts the worst when the person that made you feel so special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today. Every time I remember about somebody that I used to know. Enough, that’s History! Talking about history WordPress post also has its own history.

After yesterday, now I know that a post can have many history items. If you don’t already know try to check from your Blog Posts → Choose a Post → Edit. In the top left menu after your site title there is link that says History. If you are like me (make changes every time) You might see histories of your edited post.


The Revisions screen shows any backup copies of your post or page. Each time you save a draft or Update, a revision is saved. will store the last 25 revisions for each post or page on your blog. Revisions allow you to look back at the recent changes you’ve made and revert to an earlier version if necessary.

You might want to see for more detailed information about history in WordPress post. But if you want something else you can keep reading this post, I will talk about file versioning.

I try not to depend on this feature provided by WordPress because the last time problem with HTML entities thing, You can check this post to know the details. Now I keep posts in separate place, copy paste to publish it, doesn’t sound effective but it’s fun and safe for me.

So what is file versioning?

If you backup files using a program with file versioning, you can go back to drafts of your work that you’ve since saved over. For example, if you deleted a paragraph from a paper a week ago and now you want it back, you can search through all of the previously saved versions of that document until you find a copy that contains the text you’re looking for.

It’s also very useful if your files get corrupted, as you can simply open a version of the document from before it happened and keep working as planned.

Basically this is the same thing like history I talked before but instead of file it’s a post versioning. In a more technical term this thing is called version control system a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later. This is how I usually version my files. Now, let’s talk about what version control I use.

Git & GitHub

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

GitHub is a development platform inspired by the way you work. From open source to business, you can host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside millions of other developers.

They are not the same thing: Git is the tool, GitHub is the service for projects that use Git.

I will not talk to deep about these two things because theoretically it’s really complicated I just know a little in how to use it. It took me years to understand parts by parts of this technology so if You try to mastering these things I suggest You to play it slow don’t rush anything. And now, this is how I use them.

Initializing Local Repository

What is Repository (Git)? The purpose of Git is to manage a project, or a set of files, as they change over time. Git stores this information in a data structure called a repository. So, repository is a thing :D. First, I have a directory that contains my files which I want to be versioned and the I initialize the repository using commands.


The commands are:

  • git init
  • git add .
  • git commit -m “comment

Okay, now I have a local repository, why local? because after this I’m going to make it online using Github. I go to → New Repository → Fill the Repository name → Create repository, and the online Repository created, yay! This repository is empty, there will be sets of instructions on how to do next. For me, I will…

push an existing repository from the command line

git remote add origin
git push -u origin master

After executing those commands my online repository is created, refresh the page and I have my files there. Now it’s time to make some changes. This is the command I use to update my files.
git add .
git commit -m "update"
git push


I know this system while I was learning about programming, this mostly used for collaborative works, but for me the main purpose for this system is to version the files so that we can see the history.

Be Careful with WordPress Editor

I mean WordPress post editor, the one that look like this


I just edited a post and it had enough changes to annoy me. What I did was trying to update my last post, I tried to remove this sign <!-- more -->. I removed the sign, update the post, and guess what happened, the post broken.

My post has a lot of HTML tag written inside it, after I reload the content, all of HTML entities become characters. For example: I write &lt;, this should become <, and when the post content reload in the WordPress editor it became the actual character, so no more &lt; but <.

I’m not going to repeat my mistake, so now I need change the way I write post.

Text Editor

A text editor is a type of program used for editing plain text files. Such programs are sometimes known as “notepad” software, following the Microsoft Notepad.

I use a desktop computer application to write called text editor. There are tons of text editor out there but the one I use is Sublime Text A sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. I use this text editor for almost everything, from writing code, searching files, Git, compare texts, and now, writing post for WordPress Blog, and I’m loving it. Why I love it?


This is the same reason why I love writing code, the colors or usually called Syntax highlighting.

Syntax highlighting is a feature of text editors that are used for programming, scripting, or markup languages, such as HTML. The feature displays text, especially source code, in different colors and fonts according to the category of terms. This feature facilitates writing in a structured language such as a programming language or a markup language as both structures and syntax errors are visually distinct. Highlighting does not affect the meaning of the text itself; it is intended only for human readers.


Distraction Free Mode

Distraction Free Mode shows your files full screen, with nothing but text shown in the center of your monitor. All UI chrome is hidden, but accessible. Distraction Free Mode can be entered into via the View/Enter Distraction Free Mode menu item.

When in Distraction Free Mode, all UI chrome (side bar, minimap, status bar, etc) will be hidden. You can selectively enable parts of the UI via the View menu – your settings will be remembered next time you enter Distraction Free Mode.


I don’t usually work using this feature because I always changing windows, but when writing a post like this it’s pretty different, I don’t need to change windows as much as when I coding. It make me focus more on what I’m writing.

and the best is,

VIM Mode

Like what I was said, I use this text editor a lot, and for everything I always use this VIM mode. In Sublime Text it is called Vintage Mode Vintage is a vi mode editing package for Sublime Text 2. It allows you to combine vi’s command mode with Sublime Text’s features, including multiple selections. actually but I prefer to call it VIM Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to make creating and changing any kind of text very efficient. It is included as “vi” with most UNIX systems and with Apple OS X. Because if only I had more strength and power I will be using VIM instead of Sublime Text. This VIM Mode make me move around much faster.

Since now I have the post files in my computer drive, I maybe put it in a repository later for versioning.