The Spam Trilogy: πŸ’¬ Comment, πŸ‘ Like & πŸ“‘ Follow

After writing a little about Comment and Like, this is the last part of the trilogy I was thinking from the beginning, wasn’t I? First, let me describe what trilogy means because this is not an everyday word, I think.


A group or series of three related things. The first time I used this term is when I know about front-end web development technologies which are HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Okay, that is not for everyone let’s find another. What about movies? The Dark Knight Trilogy (Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), The Dark Knight Rises (2012)), The Godfather Trilogy (I watched only two movies, I don’t really understand them), Toy Stories, Spider-Mans, etc.

Metallica’s The Unforgiven songs: The Unforgiven, The Unforgiven II, The Unforgiven III, and I think there are many more trilogies out there. Why trilogy? Because some things are just too big for one, they can be four, five, and so on. I like to make this post as one of my trilogy posts.

My previous posts are Spam πŸ– Annoying Comment 😠 for comment and Seollenda me likey ⭐ Me likey likey likey ⭐ Me likey likey likey ⭐ Dugeundugeundugeun ❀❀ for Like. Those posts are based on my own experience from blogging in Just like the title, it’s more about spam I’ve done with those three tools.

The Three Tools

How I make the Comment, Like and Follow as one trilogy? Other than main components of blogging in this platform (post, site, title, description, etc.), I consider them as a group of tools to get readers for my content. You can also see if you use notification. There are five items actually: All, Unread, Comments, Follows, Likes. I can’t include All, and Unread is for the post – You’re all caught up! Reignite the conversation: write a new post. And that leaves me with the three.

Comment is the most used tool for spamming in my opinion. I can also give you fact that this blog has more than 50 spam comments right this time when I write this post. From what I know, the spammer wanted to gain traffic for their online content by spreading their links so that their site or blog get sources of referrals.

Like, the difference between Comment and Like as spam tools is Like need to be an insider, while Comment can be done by the outsider. Insider here is user and outsider is an online content owner (doesn’t need a account).

Spammer Limit is a really great blogging platform. They are limiting the numbers for likes, comments and even follows. I know this because I’ve done those things. When I like about 100 posts in an hour I can’t like another in that hour. When I comment on many blogs my comments are considered as spam. Follow is like Like, there is a limit in an hour. These numbers are not exact, I’m too lazy to switch accounts and do other things to check these again, sorry.

And that is what makes this platform very good, in my opinion. This is so far the best experience of blogging I have. These things just make me realize that there are still so many things I need to learn and understand.

I Do Spam Follow

From some lines above I think you already know that I do spam follow. What do I consider as spam follow? When I don’t even read the content first, just blindly click the follow button. Why? because I want more for my blog. How does it work? a simple follow back. And it works! But this is also my biggest regret in blogging along with other of my spamming activities.

Now I have more than 2000 blogs in my subscription list. I barely use my reader feeds, it doesn’t work anymore. There are new posts every second. It becomes a distraction. I wish I didn’t do all the spam. I am really sorry for those who get my spam.

A proper apology requires three steps.

  • Step One – An admission of wrongdoing. Amy, I was wrong.
  • Step Two – A promise never to repeat said action. Amy, that action will never be repeated, and that’s a promise.
  • Step Three – An earnest request for forgiveness. Amy, I hope you can forgive me, and I hope you do it right now, ’cause there’s an Uber waiting downstairs, and I don’t want to repeat this apology nonsense with my driver Ganesh.

The Line Substitution Solution – The Big Bang Theory – Season 9 – Episode 23

Seollenda me likey ⭐ Me likey likey likey ⭐ Me likey likey likey ⭐ Dugeundugeundugeun ❀️❀️

Do you know the reference for my post title? Let’s just not talk about it, instead I just want to use the word, likey or like. Based from likey means u really like something a lot, example in a sentence, my shoes are so cute…I likey. #like #a lot #really #likey #likes ~ by Nickeshia May 26, 2006.

In Facebook you know the reaction feature, it used to be a thumbs up button only. In Twitter or Instagram there is a love button. And for this platform there is a star button mostly in every post. This thing is like after you perform something in front of public and after that the crowd give you applause. I imagine that the feature work something like that in the real world.

In my blogger award posts I also ask question about this like thing. What does like mean to you? Now, I’m going to answer it myself…

In this world, I use the like feature to show my appreciation for a post, nudge people so I can appear on their notifications, reacted to them after something (for example after someone likes my thing I like back)/ showing them that I currently active, and still many more… there is always something new usage from this feature I find once in a while.

After 120 posts like in a row, I can’t like anymore post!


In fact, I don’t really like reading sometimes, when I had a new post for example or when I want someone to like my post back, I do spam likes! After a while I realized that I can’t like anymore, I wonder why… I’m thinking that to do something like that is just annoying, me being annoying. I was really sad that I can’t like anymore, until something happened…

Probably an hour after my unreliable action happened I desperately trying to like again, hoping that it will work, and it did! I’m super happy… I did another 120 posts likes… and I was being sad again… and again… and again… until I realized something…

This behavior is really bad. That’s why I can’t like 1000 posts in a row! probably, or maybe not… because there is something else…

I can like comments as many as I like

This method is super effective! I can make people notice me by liking all of their comments. without limit. huahahaha! I just like the comments I don’t even read it, just like what I did to the posts. But then someone seems doesn’t notice me anymore, how can she doesn’t notice me, her notifications should be filled by my name, how can she ignore me, how, how!

Comment Likes Option

For mobile phone user, I use the one for android platform. I click the man figure menu which is Account/User/Profile/Me section, and there is a bell symbol, I see Other sub menu and a line says Comments on other sites. There a lot of options about likes! and the one that make her ignore me should be the Notifications tabLikes on my comments toggle is not blue! I’m sure of it!

For web or computer desktop user, I can do the same thing just like from mobile. But there is more options in there, like email options device options in one screen. I can’t do this no more!

I don’t know, is like a bad thing? Probably, can be, so how I’m suppose to make people notice me? Maybe giving their work in this case post writing, reading it word by word, enjoy it, is just the best method to do this, not the quickest but the most pleasant way…