Misconception between Me and a WordPress.com Site, Probably

I write about me in the About Page of my blog and that is just wrong! But how should I know? It’s simple, you are a person or a internet user and your blog is the product that you’ve created. Write your blog’s information in the blog’s about page, and set up your profile in the me section or gravatar.

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I create a new account on WordPress.com and I have to create a site. So I fill in the inputs, one of them is the site name, after done configuring the site, I am directed to a new screen to create an account. I have some input boxes and one of them is login name, and it is already filled with the same site name, I should change it to a user related name, it is for account login not a site login right?

I successfully created my account and site, the first thing I want to do is changing my profile picture, because that is very important. I see the user menu on the right top side after the bell icon on my page, I click it. I am in my profile page wordpress.com/me, I see boxes about me like first, last, public display name, and About me textarea ← this is where I should write about me as a person, right? And then I see a text after those fields that say, “This information will be displayed publicly on your profile and in Gravatar Hovercards.


I go to your profile link and it directs me to a whole new domain, en.gravatar.com/{username}. It’s not WordPress, what is this? It’s gravatar.

A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar, gravatar is a free service for site owners, developers, and users.

I try to access the gravatar alone without login and I can only create a gravatar account when I create a WordPress.com account, I am confused. I want to create a gravatar account but I have to create WordPress.com account which make me creating a site or blog. But I already have my account and I login using it. Later I find out that this is called WordPress.com Connect.

WordPress.com Connect πŸ”–

Chances are that you’re here because you use (or would like to use) one of the fancy services created by Automattic β€” perhaps VaultPress, Akismet, Polldaddy, Gravatar, IntenseDebate, or a third-party service β€” and you’ve been asked to create or log into a WordPress.com account to do so.

With WordPress.com Connect, one username and one password allows you to access these services. You save time and hassle not having to maintain and remember unique login credentials for each service.

Continue, I log in the en.gravatar.com, I need to authorize the app because it is a new connection between apps, WordPress.com and Gravatar. I go to My Profile section and there are another inputs, it’s already filled with my inputs in the wordpress.com/me page. I try to change the records and you know what, I visit wordpress.com/me again and see the records changed just like my changes in the gravatar. I become more confused, is it the same thing? WordPress.com == Gravatar?

Profile Hovercards πŸ”–

I have made some posts and I try to visit one of my post. In the post page I see a section called published by. I see my avatar there, I move my mouse pointer to the avatar cause I want to know if this works like facebook, you know, when you hover someone profile picture you see a hovercard of that person and yes there it is a hovercard for my avatar. If you don’t see yours check yoursite.url/wp-admin/ β†’ Settings β†’ Discussion β†’ Avatars. ← this thing is not appear in my new WordPress.com calypso site setting, I need to go to the old backend.


There is also a View Complete Profile link, it directs me to my gravatar profile page en.gravatar.com/{username}, and that is how people should see my user profile. So, what should I write in the blog about page?

About Page πŸ”–

I should write anything about what my blog is all about. If I want to know the detail about a person I should visit their gravatar profile page.

Nothing is wrong πŸ”–

It is probably just not the best practice of using the platform. In the new WordPress.com I can still use the old stuff, so I guess the system is not changed entirely it is just still in the phase of migrating so in the future it will be more changes and updates. What about you? Do you have similar impression with mine? I’d like to know if you have similar or different experience and approaches with me.

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